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5 Elements of a Successful Homepage

Google Doc: 5 Elements of a Successful Homepage


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MGM Strategic Plan

While the principles of the MGM Funnel are consistent from client to client, we always begin with a one-on-one strategy session to determine how our proven system can best be customized to maximize effectiveness for your specific needs. 




Once we understand your vision, our team of experts at MGM Design does all the heavy lifting. Let us do what we do best so you can spend your time doing what you do best. But don't worry -- our admin tools are simple and elegant, so you can easily make changes in the future.




This is where the true power of the system is realized. Using our proven, intuitive admin systems, you will be able to quickly and easily publish updates which are automatically delivered to your clients and cataloged on your site.


Check Out Everything That's Included!:

Full Landing Page Design & Development by the MGM Experts: $2500
Simple, User-Friendly Content Management System To Update Your Text, Photos, Links, Documents & Videos: $1000
Latest News / Announcements Database: $750
Latest News / Announcements Slider, Listing Page & SEO Detail Display Pages: $750
Easy Tools to Post Announcements: $500
Lead & Prospect User Database w/ Spreadsheet Export: $1500 Integration: $500
Mailchimp Email Template Design: $1000
Auto-Signup to Your Mailchimp Audience via MC API: $1500
Auto-Campaign Sending to Your Mailchimp Audience via MC API: $1500

Total Value: $14,000



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Once complete, you will have a fully customized,
expertly strategized landing page
built specifically for your needs and
designed to get you more leads, clients, sales and profit


Convert Prospects Into Leads,
Track Those Leads and Contact Details and
Promote Your Irresistible Offers To Your Growing Audience!


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